Stella and The Phins VIP passEvery Rock-N-Roll Survival Kit will contain a hand numbered VIP laminate pass. VIP passes are just one of the very cool collectibles included in the kits. Each kit will also include the kit full length CD, and the Rock-N-Roll Survival Kit Manual “Phinasaurus.”

Rock-N-Roll Survival Kit
available for sale online
and at stores near you soon!

Lifetime VIP Winners

Announced on April 1st, 2016. These are the first people to respond to the Leap of Faith CD and in a variety of categories. These folks will never pay for a Stella and The Phins show for two anywhere in the World. Ever!

1st sponsor of Stella and The Phins : Kathy Rojas

1st phone call response to Leap of Faith : Michele Joiner

1st text response to Leap of Faith : Kim Bobo

1st facebook response to Leap of Faith : Rick Ames

1st musician response to Leap of Faith : Tommy Anderson

Mississippi bonfire by Jodell Page

1st photo response to Leap of Faith : Mississippi bonfire on March 31, 2016, while listening to Stella and The Phins on the Mississippi river in St. Cloud, Minnesota : Jodell Page

1st in-person response to Leap of Faith : Princess Pinkie Mars (Stacey Varela)

1st download in America : Bishop John Dahl

1st international download – Sweden: Malgorzata

1st interest in a Haz7maX harmonica : Scotland

1st international comment to Leap of Faith Poland : “The CDS are going to sell like hot bread” Malgorzata from Poland (downloaded from Sweden)

1st couple to respond to Leap of Faith – USA : Steven & Jaqueline

1st text sent to us with the song title only “Happiness is an Inside Job” : Jodell Page
1st person to ask why we put more love to the 7th Beatle on the back of the Leap of Faith CD? : Penny Rogers
1st person to ask what Stella is spelling in “Happiness is an Inside Job” P.E.A.C. EIN S.I.D.E : Elinala Jacobsen
1st person to tell us she got goosebumps from listening to the songs : Sharon Rose “Kookie” Bosetti

1st country of exported CD : Italy

Antonella & Nafta

1st international photo testimony – Bergamo, Italy : Antonella & Nafta

1st person to mention Stella and The Phins logo and CD cover. “stands out in a crowd” – loves the simplicity of the look. : Ingrid in Georgia