Zepicon Records

Heart. Soul. Feel. See. Hear. Believe.

Zepicon Records is built on the foundation of old school respect. Zepicon will never release a record before the artist feels it’s ready. Zepicon is mesmerized by performances you can feel. True to form recordings. Recordings that include spirit time. Nothing fake about the World of Zepicon.

Zepicon Records proudly presents our debut artists:
Stella and The Phins

fireComing Soon
New releases of historical tracks

Featuring in no particular order:

All Night Parcheezi Club

Ultra Pink
Shack Bully
The Fake McCoys
miss ralo and TFMC
Manta Truck
Big Dreams
Sili Pudi
ralo solo
Skibidee Sessions
Psycho Improv Whores
Bullet Proof Dress

And a few new releases we are keeping the lid on until it’s harvest time.